Hottest Trends for Spring

Hottest Trends for Spring

So what are the hottest trends for Spring 2017!?!  

1. Floral - This bright and fun trend can be found all over the marketplace.  From tops to shorts to rompers, floral patterns are dominating Spring's trend list.  Like any pattern, floral prints can be intimidating but don't let them scare you.  Find something that you are comfortable and you will good in and rock this trend with confidence!

2. Shredded Denim - Have you noticed that it is hard to find a "clean" (no holes/rips/etc) pair of denim bottoms? You are not alone.  Destruction on denim is not a new trend for this season, but it is seems to be everywhere you look!  We love it!  

3. Tied in knots - Who knew that a knot could make a basic look so cute?  Designers have latched on to this trend and are running with it.  The twisting and knotting details can be found on a variety of tops and even dresses.  It is definitely an easy way to add detail to simple designs.  The best part is that this trend is flattering on any body type!

4.  Strapless - Who needs straps anyway? Designers took a new spin on "cold-shoulder" this season and decided to do away with straps all together.  This is a hard trend for some women due to their bust size, but nothing that a good strapless bra can't fix. The exposed collarbone and shoulders are a great way to feel sexy without having to feel naked!

5.  Statement Tees - Logo T-shirts and leggings have been around for a few seasons.  Good news...this comfortable yet stylish look isn't going anywhere!  We love the ease of this trend and it is great for the busy girl on the run!