We are LOVING the fact that it ACTUALLY feels a little like fall out right now! Keep the lower temps coming!!!


The 90's are baaaaack!
Get ready to see tons of Low Rise Pants, Sheer Fabrics, Metallics, Sequins and...... RUFFLES!
Nothin wrong with a little rufflin ;)

Along with the 90's... The 80's are making a comeback AS WELL!
We've seen SO many puff sleeves on SO many different styles, so get ready!! BOLD colors are everywhere this season!! You wont hear any compliants from us ;)

Satin/Silk Tops were huge this past season and the trend is coming to FALL with us! YAY!

CRUSHED VELVET!!! This trend isn't going anywhere for awhile, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon ;) 

Plaid.Plaid.AND MORE PLAID! We know not everyone is crazy about this fad, but so many people ARE! Be on the lookout for plaid hitting our store floor SOON!

Lace & Leather... Such a good combo ;) We cant wait for the COLD weather so we can bust out the LEATHER!! Leggings, Jackets, you name it... It's out there! 
All of the lace we have seen this season, WE LOVE!!! It adds a little extra POP to your outfit.

CAMO!! Its EVERYWHERE! and we're OBSESSED! Seriously a trend we wanna hold onto for FOREVER!!! SO cute and effortless!

We are SOOO excited for Fall and we hope you are too!!!